The Seven Keys To Successful Selling

Analysis + Guidance

There are more factors that influence the final price beyond recent sales.
The seasonal sales cycle, market condition trends, current competition,
property upgrades, micro location details, and other important subjective
factors all affect the success sellers will experience.

Preparation + Presentation

Many sellers arbitrarily select a price they would like to get, and then
put the house on the market. To sell a property in the shortest amount of
time for the highest price, proper preparation and online presentation are
an absolute must.

Knowledge + Experience

Very few properties are perfect in all areas that potential buyers care
about. Identifying and addressing any weak spots beforehand will increase
the final net price a seller receives at settlement.

Marketing + Promotion

Finding a way to make a listing stand out from the crowd is the key to
great marketing and promotion. Creating a unique narrative, and then knowing
the optimal way to get that story out to the masses, are critical.

Psychology + Negotiations

Understanding how buyers think will inform sellers about the most viable
negotiation options available. This represents an important second layer
of contract negotiations.

Contracts + Expertise

The real estate contract used in our area is not a black and white
document. Knowing the intricacies of the various terms and clauses can be
the difference between a successful settlement and a voided contract.

Honesty + Value

Sellers want to have trust and confidence in a qualified and successful
real estate expert. 23 years in the industry have taught me that sellers
appreciate complete transaction transparency & a reasonable fee structure.

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