The Seven Keys To Successful Buying

Analysis + Guidance

There are more factors that influence the final price beyond recent sales.   The seasonal sales cycle, market condition trends, current competition, property upgrades, micro location details, and other important subjective factors all affect the success buyers will experience.

Preparation + Process

Identifying criteria and expanding and contracting parameters successfully requires teamwork.  Applying a repeatable buying process in changing markets without relying solely on waiting for the right property to get listed will increase chances for success.

Knowledge + Experience

It is really important to have a working knowledge of the basic components of properties when buying real estate.  Knowing the issues that can arise after settlement will be extremely helpful in evaluating price and value.

Precision + Focus

The number of information sources and volume of data produced in real estate today is overwhelming.  Cutting through and applying focus to the ones that will matter in the future will ultimately determine the degree of purchase success.

Psychology + Negotiations

Understanding how sellers think will inform buyers about the most viable negotiation options available.  This represents an important second layer of contract negotiations.

Contracts + Expertise

The real estate contract used in our area is not a black and white document.  Knowing the intricacies of the various terms and clauses can be the difference between a successful settlement or a voided contract.

Honesty + Value

Buyers want to have trust and confidence in a qualified and successful real estate expert.  23 years in the industry have taught me that buyers appreciate complete transaction transparency.

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